Many of the NFL’s most classic uniforms are, generally speaking, cluttered. Two, sometimes three distinct striping patterns appear on a single uniform. Road uniforms often feature completely different elements from their home counterpart. One of America’s most popular teams even sports three mismatching shades of the same color throughout their uniform set.

This all begs the question: why are some NFL uniforms not always, well, uniform? My guess is because most were designed nearly a half century ago, often times by the coaches or owners themselves, whose sole focus was on how the team played, not how they looked. Now, of course, the NFL is a multi-billion dollar enterprise and thanks in large part to sports design and apparel innovators like Nike, a team’s brand and image are of paramount importance.

So with these concepts I set out to give every NFL team a simpler, sleeker, more cohesive uniform set. Nothing too crazy or fun for the sake of fun -- these designs are meant to be realistic and are something I would be proud to present to each and every client. I took factors into account such as history, uniqueness, and brand to help decide which particular uniform elements were ownable and how they could give teams their own distinct look and feel.

My process begins by exploring primary marks or logos, then using specific, unique elements that I believe can begin to tell a story that best embodies the team brand. Like any good art director would tell you, existing design elements should always inform the decisions you make as a designer.