MillerCoors, Pizza Hut, and Turtle Wax are just a few of the clients I've worked with to concept, develop, and execute the kinds of innovative solutions that will one day be dramatized on episodes of 'Mad Men: The Next Generation'.

In addition to writing ads, I've also designed them. My natural visual composition skills and sharp design eye are what first spurred my entry into advertising as an art director. Several years later when a creative director momentarily unchained me from my computer, I made the switch to copywriting. My sports design work has been seen by millions, garnering coverage in publications such as AgencySpyBleacher Report, and Yahoo! Sports.

Before selling out, I trained with and performed at many comedy theatres throughout Chicago, most notably The Second City and iO (Improv Olympic). I attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas to study film and then later Columbia College in Chicago to study television, both with a focus on writing and directing. 

In an era where the line between advertisement and entertainment is quickly being blurred, I've found a way to merge my cinematic mind and comedic voice with my conventional art and writing skills, going far beyond traditional agency roles to create more intriguing and engaging stories.

Raised in southern Missouri, I grew up just outside Denver, Colorado. Currently I'm living and working in Chicago, Illinois where I spend half the year bathing in the tears of Cubs fans and the other half wishing I still lived in Colorado.