I've worked at some of the largest ad agencies in the country, as well as some of the smallest, creating everything from quick regional campaigns to multi-million dollar integrated national marketing initiatives. Over the years I've had some great client partners, including nearly every brand in the MillerCoors portfolio, as well as J.M. SmuckerYUM! Brands, Turtle Wax, and most recently the Colorado Departments of Transportation and Public Health.

With experience guiding agencies and clients in all facets of the marketing process – from the beginnings of planning and strategy all the way to the finish lines of production – my end goal is always to create thoughtful work that is inspired by a relatable human truth and ladders up to a bigger idea. It’s this kind of conceptual work that allows advertising to go deeper and tell a brand's unique story in a way that’s more entertaining and engaging for consumers. 

A big believer in teamwork and bringing out the best in others, I pride myself on being a level-headed, confident leader that seeks to help grow the ideas of those below me rather than pushing my own work to the top. As a mentor, my laid back nature makes me approachable while my big market, big agency experience makes me a great resource for any questions and guidance on advertising, agency politics, and the creative process. Which is all to say — I’m not an asshole and I’m fun to work with. I believe the more we push ourselves creatively, the more we’ll all have fun, and the better the work will be.

In 2019, my passion for mentoring and eagerness to help young talent led me to start the Denver Ad School. I founded DAD with hopes we could help the next generation of creatives enter the business more prepared, have a better experience than I sometimes did, and hopefully turn advertising into a more relevant and enjoyable form of communication that’s a part of the greater good.

My sports design work, often done on spec, has been seen by millions after garnering coverage in publications such as Bleacher Report, Brand New, FOX Sports, ESPN's UniWatch, and AgencySpy. What's the secret? The professional presentation of my work is what most often causes people to confuse my designs with the "real" thing. And much like my advertising work, I put a lot of thought into how my design choices ladder up to a larger brand story, which ends up making my work more interesting and shareable.

Often regarded as a creative utility man, when I obnoxiously say I can write, art direct, design, shoot and edit photos/film/video — I actually can. While this may be confusing to more traditional shops, it’s actually pretty simple to me because I take exactly the same creative approach no matter what I do — I’m here to tell stories. I don’t lean towards one discipline, I don’t prefer one over the other. Whether I need to write, design, or shoot a story, it’s all the same process in my head. The words I write should paint a picture just like my visuals should tell a story. I’m a creative in the truest sense, I don’t need any one label to define what I can do.

Before “selling out” to work in advertising, I spent my formative years as a comedian and filmmaker. I wrote and performed at improv comedy theaters all over Chicago including The Second City and iO Theater, was a headline contributor to The Onion, and began creating content before content creation was even a thing by writing, producing, and directing digital shorts. While no longer performing, I still stay busy in my free time by writing and developing pilots and screenplays with my content partners in Los Angeles.