Since 2008 I've worked at some of the largest ad agencies in the country, as well as some of the smallest, creating everything from quick regional campaigns to multi-million dollar integrated national marketing initiatives. Over the years I've had some great client partners, including nearly every brand under MillerCoors, J.M. SmuckerYUM! Brands, Turtle Wax, and most recently the Colorado Department of Transportation.

With experience guiding agencies and clients in all facets of the marketing process – from the beginnings of planning and strategy all the way to the finish lines of production – my end goal is always to create content that ladders up to a larger concept and a relatable human truth, that way we can thoughtfully tell a brand's unique story in a way that’s more entertaining and engaging for consumers. 

A big believer in teamwork and bringing out the best in others, my favorite part of the job is leading teams in the strategic alignment and creative concepting of ad campaigns, a subject I taught at the Chicago Portfolio School. Regarded as a creative utility man, I can easily call upon my amalgam of talents as a writer, art director, and filmmaker to create marketing campaigns with a focus on storytelling. 

Before “selling out” to work in advertising, I spent my formative years as a comedian and filmmaker. I wrote and performed at improv comedy theaters all over Chicago including The Second City and iO Theater, was (briefly) a headline contributor to The Onion, and was creating content before content creation was even a thing by writing, producing, and directing digital shorts. While no longer performing, I still stay busy in my free time by writing and developing pilots and screenplays with my content partners in Los Angeles.

My sports design work, often done on spec, has been seen by millions after garnering coverage in publications such as Bleacher Report, Brand New, FOX Sports, ESPN's UniWatch, and AgencySpy. What's the secret? The professional presentation of my work is what most often leads to people confusing my designs with the "real" thing, and much like my advertising work, I put a lot of thought into the why – how my design choices ladder up to a larger brand story, which in turn creates something more innovative and shareable. Much to my chagrin, the coverage has led to a consistent influx of interviews and freelance collaborations with pro sports teams, leagues, and apparel manufacturers.