With Stance now the official sock of Major League Baseball beginning with the 2017 season, could stripes in baseball be making a comeback? Stirrups and striped socks have already seen a slight resurgence the last few seasons, but unfortunately their use amongst players and teams has been frustratingly inconsistent. Often several players on the same team will wear different socks designs, leading to a team look that is slipshod and anything but uniform.

Now with Stance leading the way it seems inevitable that the game's hosiery will be the hottest new design trend, so I took this as an opportunity to see if I could help them get started on the right foot and create unique design concepts for all 30 teams that fit nicely within their brand. The socks were styled after striping elements on the team's jersey, their logo, and in some cases ideas were even inspired by the team's heritage. 


This is a personal project of Jesse Alkire and is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Major League Baseball, Stance, or players who wear their pants way too long and baggy.
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