With legal marijuana now a fixture in Colorado, the state needed a campaign that could educate the public and speak directly to users in a real, relatable way and break through the clutter of traditional PSAs. So, we created "Meg the Budtender", a character that dispenses weed wisdom and tips for responsible marijuana use.

With a whole lot of personality and a little humor, Meg the Budtender delivered her own specific, audience-tailored version of the Colorado Department of Health's ‘Responsibility Grows Here’ campaign message. Speaking directly to users in a way that no other state-sponsored campaign had done before, a tone specifically crafted to not feel condescending or judgemental, Meg gave the Colorado Department of Health the unprecedented chance to have a more honest and direct conversation with the public about responsible marijuana use. 

My roles:
Copywriting | Creative Direction | Strategy | Editing


NOTE –– The pieces you saw above are my very own “director’s cuts”, as I left Amelié just prior to the launch of the campaign. While this was the final concept sold to the client, some of the the executions above may differ in copy or art direction from the final client-approved creative and are therefore not endorsed by Amelié or CDPHE. It’s one hell of a story, ask me about it!