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The Colorado Rockies have one of the best social media teams working in sports today. Fun and irreverent, their brand voice and fan interaction skills are top-notch. However, I feel like everything could be tied together a little nicer with some improved graphics and a clear marketing campaign. The following examples are some of the ways I would push the Rockies to take the next big step with their online content.

First, I'd work with the front office, team leaders, and marketing to craft a marketing campaign that fans and players alike could rally behind. A campaign that tells the story of that particular season, reflects team goals and what they're striving for, and fires up the fanbase. In this case, I borrowed an idea from my comprehensive Colorado Rockies brand recharge project.

Behind their offensive strength and budding young pitching staff, the Rockies have set their sights on winning the NL West. And so, like the tall and mighty Rocky Mountains, the Colorado Rockies will seek to #TowerAbove the West in 2018. Though the season is long and arduous, and with many teams not built to make the ascent, the Rockies will never stop climbing keep until they reach the top and #TowerAbove the rest of the league.


To connect our fans online with #TowerAbove, I'd create some dynamic posts that reference the climb with visuals and subtle animations. Set against rugged mountains, animated pre-game and post-game wrap-ups -- which play automatically in users' feed -- will catch the fans' eye by highlighting players and moments, with photography that is angled just so to reinforce the idea of the season-long climb.


Next, I'd be more discerning with my choice of photography, looking for shots that are a little more artistic. Whether it's different composition or a good use of soft focus, when the photography stands out as special then it can stand alone without the needless addition of score graphics or logos. Great photos can provide the canvas for a clean, simple aesthetic. 

Then by putting all in-game photos through a quick filter -- one that changes the tones to a more Rockies-hue -- the game feed begins to feel more connected to the brand and the story we're trying to tell. This helps out followers, because the content immediately stands out in their crowded feeds because it is recognizable and eye-catching. Basically, everything looks and feels like it belongs together and is coming from the same, unique voice -- the Colorado Rockies.



Check out how the posts look in a live Twitter feed by clicking here:


This is a personal project of Jesse Alkire and is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Major League Baseball, the Colorado Rockies, or @Chuck_Nazty.
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