Since moving to Chicago in 2008 I’ve worked at some of the largest ad agencies in the country to help brands with everything from regional ad campaigns to multi-million dollar integrated marketing initiatives, while also leading creative teams and teaching the next generation of advertisers to create work that is entertaining, innovative, and engaging. 

Before advertising, I spent my formative years as an aspiring filmmaker writing, producing, and directing videos in and out of film and television school, as well as writing and performing at comedy landmarks like the Second City, iO Chicago, and The Onion.

Outside of advertising, my sports design work has been seen by millions, garnering coverage in publications such as Bleacher Report, Brand New, FOX Sports, ESPN's UniWatch, AgencySpy, and more. My concept designs, all done on spec, have a reputation for a level of professionalism that often confuses them with the real thing, and has led to numerous interviews and collaborations with pro sports teams, leagues, and apparel manufacturers. 

While that eclectic background and outsider’s perspective has fueled much of my success in this business, it’s also allowed me to better realize the truth about working in advertising that most ignore — everyone hates what we do. And, honestly? Most of the time I do, as well. 

I’m not here to make ads the same way they’ve always been made, because that simply isn’t working. I’m here to challenge conventional ad agency roles by simultaneously using my unique talents as a writer, art director, and filmmaker to quickly craft thoughtful marketing campaigns that focus on brand storytelling to create content that is more interesting, engaging, and relevant to the public. Because that’s how we make ads that the public won’t hate. Find and sell the truth in advertising. 

You could say I’m a creative utility man, but I think I’m ultimately just a storyteller. Whether I’m writing, designing, or shooting, I see all of the content I create as a piece of something bigger — the brand story — and I’m out here trying to tell those stories in exciting new ways. 

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