When Fanbrandz and Majestic collaborated to create the 'Always October' MLB postseason hoodies in 2014, I was instantly a fan. Rendering motivational phrases in custom team typography? Yes. Yes. A million times, yes. So, in an effort to continue that tradition, I created my own concepts for the official 2018 MLB postseason hoodies.

This season, I chose three different phrases for the three division winners in each league that, in addition to referencing the team's position atop the standings, would also be somewhat unique to their geographic location and tell a little story that’s relevant to those fans:

EAST – The eastern states are the first each day to rise with the sun and start the day.

CENTRAL – Car culture and cruising are a way of life in the midwest and central states.

WEST – It's no small feat to tower above the expansive and mountainous western states.

This is a personal project of Jesse Alkire and is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Major League Baseball, Majestic Athletic, or the Colorado Rockies who failed to win the division about two weeks after I jinxed them by making the above sweatshirt.
All original work is © Jesse Alkire, 2018.