While attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to study film, where my focus was primarily on writing and directing, I also began my comedy education with the Second City Theatre. After catching the eye of some cast members, I was urged to move to Chicago so I could continue studying and performing improvisational comedy. After moving to Chicago in 2008 I also enrolled at Columbia College of Chicago to study television, where my focus was again on writing.

In the fall of 2012 I was offered the chance to send a writing packet to The Onion, which later led to my entry in the contributing writer tryout process. Below you can find the original packet I sent, in its entirety, as well as some of my favorite unused headlines. Also below you'll find 'The Spungo', the website I started to practice writing Onion-style headlines which would eventually serve as the foundation for my writing packet:

The Onion satire submission

Unused Headline Contributions

The Spungo


Below are a few of my favorite short form pieces:

'Who’s Going to Read Me the Menu?'

'New York Times Wedding Announcement'


My Tumblr page is a veritable cornucopia of un-used Onion headlines, standup jokes, short stories, and other (funny?) bits:

Jesse Alkire @ Tumblr



Comedy goof from early 2014 starring, written, and produced by me. All artwork and set design by me, as well.

Voted The Second City Network's video of the month, February 2014. (link)


Back when I used to have free time I'd put home movies to a soundtrack. Shot the weekend of May 29th, 2010 mostly in Butler, MO.



Back when I used to have free time I'd put home movies to a soundtrack. Shot the weekend of February 12th, 2010 in Nashville, TN.