For the 2014 MLB All Star Game in Minnesota, official MLB hat supplier New Era arguably started one of the coolest modern sports design traditions when they designed special All Star Game caps that were inspired by the Twins unique paneled batting helmets worn in 1979.

By designing special All Star caps that honored the host team, the potential was set up for new caps every year on All Star night to tell a different story about that city's uniform history or local culture, while also allowing the game a rare chance to have some fun and get creative with their usually sacrosanct brands -- and increase merchandise sales in the process.

So I set out to show what I think the caps could look like if that tradition is continued for this year's All Star Game to be held in Cincinnatti. 


This is a personal project of Jesse Alkire and is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Major League Baseball, New Era, or Keith Olbermann who called these hats "ludicrous".
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